Friday, February 3, 2012

Wood Block Christmas Gifts

I posted the wood blocks I have for sale in my Etsy shop yesterday.  I have really fallen in love with doing wood block crafts.  I started with this one. 

I got the idea from this amazing set of blocks on Pinterest.  Do you Pin?  I LOVE Pinterest!!

From there, I decided to try my hand at making more for Christmas gifts.  I had just gotten my new Silhouette Cameo - my bestest best friend - and learned A LOT about my machine by doing these blocks.
I made this one for my sister in law.  She babysits for us at least once a month - for FREE!!  We are so blessed!!  My kids LOVE when Aunt Kelley comes to babysit!!  So I wanted to give her something very special to let her know how much we appreciate her!  The reindeer picture is an old Christmas card that I thought was so cute and never threw away.  I knew it would make a cute craft at some point and finally figured out what to do with it!  Sorry for the blurry picture.  I was just trying to capture it before I gave it to her and the lighting was bad. 

 These are the gifts I made my parents and my in-laws.

The pics are TERRIBLE!!  I wasn't expecting to post them to a blog or I would've done a better job.  I was just trying to remember my work!

I made this one for my sister.  She also does a lot of babysitting for us.
The backing is a canvas painted green.  Then I took some wood pieces from a wooden nativity set from a stash of stuff that I got from a bunch of stuff that my mom found when cleaning out my grandmother's house after she passed away.  I love that I was able to use her stuff to make a special gift for my sister.  It seems like it makes it that much more meaningful.  I also added a star to the top but am not sure why I didn't get a picture of it!

This last picture is my dining room table while working on all of this stuff - Santa's workshop if you will!!  

It's also proof that...I NEED A CRAFT ROOM!!!

I had a lot of headaches in making these presents but like I said, I learned a lot too.  I hope it gives you some inspiration and ideas for making some wood block crafts for yourself.  I've got some fun plans for Easter blocks swimming through my head and can't wait to start on them!!
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