Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day Wreath

Whew!!  I'm finally getting a post up!  So excited!  I had such big plans for finishing tons of projects last weekend. know how that goes.  Sometimes the kids and husband have other plans for our time don't they?

So I'm excited to have finally finished my Valentine's Day wreath.  It was a lot of fun to make.  I did a felt wreath based on a beautiful wreath that Classy Clutter made. She has a great tutorial on how to make it so go there to find out how.  I'll just show you how I made it my own.

I made tons of circles on the felt.  For some reason, I CANNOT cut circles very well so I have to have a template to cut from...even then I still have trouble with cutting circles. 
From there you fold the circle in half, then in half again, and then cut the corner off.  I don't have pictures of these steps but Class Clutter has a great tutorial.  Then you glue them on...and glue, and glue and glue! 
 Then I attached a ribbon...
And hung it on the door.  But, me being me, I wasn't happy with it.  It kept bothering me every time I'd come and go.  Something just didn't look right.
So then I remembered that I had some little wood hearts.  I dug them up and put some scrapbook paper on them with Mod Podge.  Sorry for the HORRIBLE pictures.  I'm realizing I am a very bad picture taker - especially when I'm doing it in kind of a hurry.
Hot glue gun and some rick rack and... TaDa!!!  Now, that's it!!  I love it!!!  And when I was in the car this morning taking the kids to school I glanced up and saw it from the street and it was so cute from far away too!!

Hope you got some good ideas or inspiration for your own wreath!! Linking up with:

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