Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paper Plate Flower Tutorial: Guest Blogger...

Time for the guest blogger reveal.  The guest blogger is...

My 6 year old daughter, Me Too!  Her blog nickname is Me Too because, being the middle child, she is always wanting to do what everyone else is doing.  Me Too is an amazing child.  She is bright, sweet, loving, and creative.  And...very artistic.  She is ALWAYS coloring or doing some sort of art or craft.  In fact you've already seen her doing crafts in this post from a couple of weeks ago - and I just noticed she's wearing the same outfit!  Guess we need to go shopping.  She has loved rainbows for as long as I can remember.  We've had a couple of rainbow birthday parties for her!  All of her teachers comment on how much she loves to color.  Not only how often she colors...but how many colors she uses in each picture.  In fact, I was talking to her teacher from when she was 2 turning 3 and that teacher still remembers how long Me Too would take coloring and how many different colors she would use.

One night at dinner, Me Too began describing a craft she wanted to do.  She wanted to turn a paper plate into a flower.  She told us step by step how she would do it - coloring the plate, making the petals, painting a wood stick for the stem, etc.  I asked her where she had seen this craft.  She said that during dinner she started looking at the paper plate we were eating on (it was one of those days) and thought about how it looked like the middle of a flower and it just came to her.  My husband and I were pretty blown away at her creativity.  It was a weird feeling to experience envy at my own daughter!  Here I am with a blog all about how I don't come up with original ideas but copy others and make them my own, and my daughter is coming up with a completely original idea.  Not that this hasn't been done before, but in her world it hasn't!  I knew right then and there that it would be super fun to do a tutorial for her idea and post it on the blog.

Okay - enough on to the tutorial!

Here are our supplies.  The only thing we forgot in the picture is glue.  You'll need:

A paper plate, markers, paper, scissors, glue, a stick, green paint.  We also ended up making some leaves to attach to the stem that we hadn't originally thought of so you'll also need some green paper.

These are Me Too's step by step directions.

Step 1: Color the plate

Step 2: Draw the petals on a white piece of paper.

Step 3: Cut the petals out

Step 4: Color them in!  This was Me Too's 2nd favorite step.  You'll see #1 in a few steps.

Step 5: Glue the petals on.

Step 6: Paint the wood stick that will be the stem.  THIS was Me Too's favorite step.  Who doesn't love painting?

Step 7: Attach the stem to the flower.

 Here's the flower part.  Kind of a mix of flowers here but adorable!

I had an a little Terracotta pot so I painted it pink and put the flower in it.  We also realized we needed leaves for the stem so we cut some out and attached them.  Here she is with the finished product!

I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a paper plate flower.  If it inspires you to make something, please send Me Too and I a picture of your creation!

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