Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Craft Supply Explosion

I have been SO SO busy!  My craft closet exploded all over my house somewhere in the past several weeks and I've been spending the past few days reorganizing it.  I had organized my craft supplies over Thanksgiving and consolidated it all into a closet.  It worked well for a while.

Lately I've noticed that instead of having a craft closet it's been more like a closet stacked full of stuff along with craft piles all over the house - a few in my bedroom, one or two in the dining room, on top of the piano, in the garage.  You name a room of the house and it's probably got a pile of my stuff in it!  Clearly my craft closet was in need of a rework!

My mom had a chest of drawers that she didn't need anymore so we moved it into our garage.  I was able to move a bunch of stuff out there.  I also cleared off a baker's rack we've had out there forever and so now I have two storage spaces in the garage PLUS my inside craft closet.  I know - I have a lot of stuff.  It's a sickness.

I have always hated using the garage to store my stuff because it gets so dirty and yucky but there's just no way around it right now.  At least the chest of drawers keeps everything in there clean.  It also gives me a work space on the top.  My hubby is going to fix the plug back there so I can plug my Dremel tool and a few other things in and have a little work area.  I have one whole drawer dedicated to that stuff I pick up at the store that I intend to use for a craft when I get done with the craft I'm currently doing.  It's like my own little shelf where I can go shopping for something to work on!  I am making a rule that I cannot do any new crafts until that drawer gets emptied out a little bit!! 

The stuff on the baker's rack is all in boxes so all I have to do is wipe the dust and grime off of those boxes to get to the goodies inside.  I tried to put things I don't use all that much in those bins. 

My inside closet is the most fun.  I filled it with things like paints, glues, fabrics and my bestest best friend, Cameo, and her supplies along with things I use often.  One of the things I like the best is a bin for stuff I'm currently working on.  So now when I get interrupted from crafting for things like, oh I don't know, my kids or dinner or my LIFE...I can just throw everything into that bin and put it away instead of making piles all over the house.  Then I decided to use bright and fun gift wrap that I found at a thrift store for like .50 to decorate the walls.  

Okay, okay - I didn't do such a great job putting it up.  It was at the end of a LONG day of organizing, moving stuff, cleaning the garage and taking kids to bday parties. I should have waited to do it another day. I got frustrated and almost ripped it all down but then I thought of the Nester's favorite saying - It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I am the only one who really ever goes in there. From my vantage point when I'm looking in there to get stuff, I just see the pretty colors.  I'm not looking around and taking in the entire view.  MOST IMPORTANTLY - when I look in there, it makes me super happy and always lifts my spirits. So one of these days I'll go back and make it look better but for now - it works FOR ME!! I'm being okay with that.

That's what I've been up to.  Oh, and making a fun present for my mom.  I'm going to show you that tomorrow!!

What fun stuff have you been doing lately?

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