Sunday, January 19, 2014

Why Shabby Paints? Part 4: The People and The Odds and Ends

We've talked about how Shabby Paints offers amazing prices and several sizes, their unbelievable easy to use protective finishes, and the beautiful colors and shimmer paints.  All of this is great, but the thing that makes this company so wonderful and different is the people.  The people behind the company - the owners and the stylists.  They all combine to make a supportive and creative environment.

The owner, Shannon, explains why she started Shabby Paints here.  She wanted a safe paint to use that wouldn't be harmful to people's health or the environment.  I also love this quote which greets you at the main page of the Shabby Paints website
Introducing the belief that success is rarely achieved alone…
and never at the expense of  humanity, health, or the environment in which we live.
That really spoke to me the first time I saw it.

The stylists are another great thing about this company.  They are dedicated to helping the customers understand how to use the paint and finishes in order to create beautiful furniture, crafts or other decorating projects.  And not only that, they are all more than willing to help each other out.  There is so much support, camaraderie, and help between stylists - not competition like you might think.  You can read more about many of them here.

I love that the paint is made in the USA!  And even the colors are patriotic!  Betsy Ross Red, Marine Blue and Purple Heart to name a few!

There are also some products I didn't get to talk about in the other posts so I'll stick them in here!

Furniture Fracture is one.  This product creates a crackled effect.  Some people do this with a glue and water  mixture.  It works great have to cover it with paint at JUST the right time or it doesn't work.  Not with Shabby Paints Furniture Fracture.  You just paint over it once it's dry.  It's super easy to use and creates a wonderful effect.
I did this piece with the Furniture Fracture...and darn it, I didn't take any close ups!  Smart Stevie!  I'll get someone day soon so I can share them.

Another cool product that I haven't gotten to try yet is the Shabby Paints Shabby Texture.  This would be used in stenciling projects, embossing, or even repair and wood filler.  Check out more about it here. I can't wait to try this as I am just about to start getting into stenciling!  I'll share with you when I do of course!

Well, this ought to do it for the Why Shabby Paints? series.  I hope you've learned a little and become inspired to use these great products!  If you have questions that I haven't answered, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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