Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day...But Not That Bad, I Guess

Usually a picture of paint all over my hands would indicate a great day - a day of painting!  My favorite thing. this case...well...let me start from the beginning.

My day started out good except my son forgot his backpack at home.  No big deal in the grand scheme of things so I thought well that's not too bad, I guess.

My day then got great because I went back to Jazzercise after a few weeks of not being able to go.  I wasn't able to go during the Christmas break - well, I could have but the kids put up a big fight and I felt bad.  It was their break too so I just didn't have the heart to make them get up and go.  So, I was THRILLED to get back and it felt great as always.

After showering and getting dressed, I headed out to the antique mall to take the shimmery Shabby Paints table that I posted about yesterday to the booth.  I also needed to add some labels to the containers of paint I took out last weekend.  I got there and went to unload the table and noticed that I forgot to do the back of two of the legs.  Uggghhhh...FRUSTRATION.  I couldn't wait to get this beautiful piece in the booth for sale.  Now I have to redo it and take it another day.

But it's not the end of the world so it's not too bad, I guess.

I go in and get started on my labeling.  I was happy to be there and hoping someone would come up and ask me about the paint but there weren't many people there.  It was a yucky day today and people probably did what I should have done...stayed home! 

Then it happened.  I dropped a 16oz container of paint and it cracked. 

YIKES. I ran up to the front desk trembling and fighting back tears - I hate that I cry when I'm frustrated, angry, scared, name it...but it's just me - and asked for paper towels.  I could quickly see they weren't going to work!  So I called my mom and asked her to come with Resolve.  I also posted on my Shabby Paints Stylist page and asked for help.  I got great suggestions but since I wasn't at home and had limited resources, I could only try the Resolve.  For the record, cleaning up as quickly as possible with water and Dawn soap were the main suggestions. back to my dilemma.  I was sure I would be asked to pack my stuff and move out of my booth. But the owner was GREAT!  She said she had seen worse messes.  We were able to clean up the darker carpet which is the main walk way.  It had been too long for the lighter carpet.  BUT...that part is in my booth and people change out their carpet all the time.  We happen to have some left over from when we got new carpet this past summer so it shouldn't be too big of a problem.

PHEW!!  Ended up not too bad, I guess.

I left there pretty rattled but sure my day would turn around.  I went grocery shopping next and desperately needed some allergy medicine.  It's the kind with pseudophederine so you have to go to the pharmacy to buy it.  Some kind of website they needed to access wouldn't work so I couldn't buy it.  Ugggh...annoying.

But not too bad, I guess.

I got home with my groceries (did I mention it was raining?  and cold?) and as I drove home I noticed there were a LOT of cars up the street at my kids' school.  So I started wondering if I had the right time for my daughter's awards assembly that I was going to at 2:00.  I looked at my calendar - it started at 1:30.  I looked at the clock - it was 1:30.  I threw the frozen and refrigerator stuff in and sped to the school ignoring how bad I needed to go the bathroom.  I had to park across the street.  After running into the school office to get my sticker, huffing and puffing, they said, "Oh don't worry.  They're starting with 6th grade".  Mine's in 4th. 

PHEW!!  Not too bad, I guess.

So I went in and sat through part of 6th and then 5th.  And then...3rd.  Oh yes, they did 3rd before 4th.  Scheduling issues.  My daughter ended up getting an amazing award - one of the ones that only 2 from each class get for being good and kind to others etc.

GREAT!!!  Definitely not too bad.

I left the school to try another store for the medicine.  Gas light came on.  Not usually a big deal but on this day by this point...

Kinda getting BAD.

Line was SOOOOOOOO long at the next pharmacy.  Bought stuff to make brownies instead.  Picked up kids.  Made popcorn...burned it so bad I had to take it all the way outside to the big garbage can.

And so on, and so on.

All in all, nothing was so bad...or if it was it ended up being okay so I just kept thinking this is not too bad, I guess.  But...added all one day, it was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Now I'm going to bed!!
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