Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why Shabby Paints? All 4 Parts In One Place!

Did you miss my Why Shabby Paints Series?  If so, I've consolidated it all here for you in one easy place!  You can read them in order...or mix it up a bit!  What the heck - go crazy and read them backwards!  (I know...I need to get out more...) 

Part One: Prices and Sizes

Part Two: Finishes

Part Three: One Word...Colors

Part Four: The People and the Odds and Ends

Also...this would've been a great addition to Part 4 but just came about.  If you have questions about using Shabby can always ask me of course, but we also have another place to go!  A new Facebook Group that you can join and one of the Shabby Paints Stylists will answer your question!

Click here to join the Shabby Paints Questions and Answers Group!

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