Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Why Shabby Paints? Part 2: Finishes

Hopefully you are a little more interested in Shabby Paints because you read yesterday's post and learned that not only is it less expensive than other products on the market right now, but it comes in various sizes.  This is especially great for newbies who are just wanting to get their feet wet and see what this chalked paint craze is all about!

What?  You didn't read yesterday's post?  Well finish reading this post, then go to the first one here.

Yesterday I almost launched right into talking about finishes...but stopped myself and was patient until today!  Shabby Paints is revolutionizing the world of chalked paint by their introduction of Vax and ReVax.  Let me back up a little bit and start with a few questions.

Who likes waxing?  You know, getting a big ole brush and rubbing, and rubbing and rubbing the wax in - going in circles and applying pressure.  Then realizing there's too much on there and having to wipe some off.  Then rubbing some more.  Then wiping it off.  Oh...and then having to go back a few hours later to buff it.  No one?  Didn't think so.

Who likes the smell of stinky waxes?  Having to wax outside no matter if it's terribly hot or uncomfortably cold because otherwise it stinks up the house and possibly causes an asthma attack in your kiddo?  No one?  Didn't think so.'s one.  There was one brand I used where after you painted and waited for the paint to dry, you had to wait anywhere from a couple of hours to...get this...a whole 24 hours until you could apply it!!!  WHAT???  I have 3 kids, a few part time jobs, a husband, a home to keep up and on, and on, and on.  When I have time to paint I need to be able to get things done.  Right then!  I don't always have 24 hours to wait which means I might not be able to get back to that project for several days.  Who likes waiting?  No one?  Didn't think so.

Speaking of waiting around, who likes that you have to wait around for wax to cure for like a month?  And that you have to reapply wax every year or so?  Think back to the first question about rubbing and you like doing that EVERY YEAR?  NOPE!  Oh what about that you can't use it on surfaces that you use a lot?  Or that might get wet and stuff?  No?  Doesn't work for you?  Me either.

Just RELAX...we've got your VAX!!!
Vax is a revolutionary protective finish combining the style of wax with the durability of varnish.  It was designed exclusively by and for Shabby Paints.  It is a combination of varnish and wax.  Vax is a clear product.  If you like the color and depth of your painted piece, use Vax.   If you want to add an aged look or some dimension to your piece, use ReVax which is Vax in colors.  It comes in Hazelnut (brownish), Black and Pearl.  So, let me address each of my questions from above.

Who likes waxing and all of the work it entails?  NOT ME.  Vax/ReVax is easy peasy.  You apply it by simply brushing, rubbing or rolling it on.  No special expensive fancy brushes.  You can use a paintbrush or a Vax / ReVax applicator which are sold by many of the stylists!   No buffing is necessary...although you can if you want to!  Also, it dries FAST so if you want to add another coat you can.  But, you get great protection from just one coat.  Some other brands recommend that you apply up to 6 coats for the best coverage!  YIKES!  I guess I'm lazy, I just don't want to do that much work!

Did anyone like the stinky wax?  Fumes?  Even from brands that claim to be LOW VOC?  Prefer NONE?  I DO, I DO!  Shabby Paints Vax and ReVax are VOC FREE.  To me, they smell just like the chalked paint.  I Vax and ReVax in my house...usually in my bedroom so I can watch the news while I work (I'm a news junky - little trivia tidbit about me!  I LIVE for breaking news!!) And my kids are always around while I'm working - I don't have to worry one bit about their health or the affects of being near me while I paint.  I have enough to worry about in regards to my kids - I don't need to add my work affecting them!

Who wants to wait hours or even days in between painting and applying the finish?  Anyone? No?  Me either.  I love that I can start as soon as the paint is dry.  And in fact, usually by the time I finish a big enough piece, the first part is dry so I can almost immediately get started Vax'ing!

 Here are directions and more information on using Vax and ReVax.  I love it.  My recommendation is to mix the sheer Vax and the colored ReVax together 50/50 for better control over your coverage.  Otherwise, you can paint one coat of Vax and then a coat of ReVax . 

Shabby Paints also offers a varnish.
This is what you would use to get the most durable finish.  A coffee table or cabinets might be candidates for this...although you can also use Vax and ReVax for those.  So that takes me to the last question I asked above about waiting for wax to cure and reapplying it every year.  When you get a piece of furniture finished and you're SO proud to display it or sell it...the last thing you want to do is wait 30 days!  And then you have to advise your customer to re-wax every year?  Or do it yourself?  Ummm..nope.  You do NOT have to wait for Vax, ReVax or Varnish to cure.  They don't need to be reapplied every so often.  And you CAN use any of these products on anything...including kitchen cabinets! last and final question is...why would you EVER use anything else?  I know I won't!!

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