Saturday, January 4, 2014

Beautiful Peacock Blue 1930's Desk

A friend called me one day and said she was having a garage sale with a neighbor who had a beautiful desk for sale. She sent me a picture and it looked beautiful...and was a great bargain! 

If you're thinking of getting into painting furniture, it helps to tell any and everyone about what you're doing, and hopefully when it's 2 o'clock the day of their garage sale and they're just wanting to get stuff GONE, they'll call you and you'll get a great deal!

I had just gotten home from a whole day of errands and just wanted to sink into the couch and play Candy Crush (Have I mentioned my mild addiction to Candy Crush?  My husband and kids might disagree with mild...) but I knew the desk was too good to pass up. I rushed over to get it.  The lady selling it said it belonged to her aunt and that it is from around the 1930's.

 It sat in my garage for a while because I didn't have the right color.  I get weird feelings about what color the furniture should be.  I knew this one HAD to be a blue'ish color with a black finish. When I got Shabby Paints Peacock blue...I knew it was the one!

So one night while we watched Turbo with the kids, I painted the whole thing Peacock blue and then tried a mixture if 50/50 Black ReVax and Sheer Vax.   It is verily lightly distressed.  It turned out so pretty!  I can't wait for some little kiddo to enjoy studying on it. Or an author to be inspired writing at it. Or a young couple use it in their office to pay bills and plan for their future! 

As always, I just pray that the piece blesses whoever ends up having it!

It's in my booth (#0622) at the Antique Gallery Mall in Mesquite, TX.

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