Thursday, March 29, 2012

What Craft Season Are You In?

Crafting wise, I'm always way ahead of what the actual holiday/season/event is currently.  For example, I started thinking about Fourth of July the other day!  I'm already way over Easter craft wise - so much so that the other day I realized I actually needed to make some Easter plans and get the kids some clothes and stuff.   Not good!!

I got really excited yesterday when Expressions Vinyl had a coupon code for 30% off so that I could order some stuff to make 4th of July t-shirts.  I got some of the flocked t-shirt vinyl.  I can't wait to try it out! 

I love Expressions Vinyl.  I placed an order for some vinyl through them a couple of weeks ago and was blown away by how fast they had my order in the mail to me after I ordered.  No difference in the order I placed yesterday.  It's already on it's way to me!  I'd better figure out what my t-shirts are going to look like!

I also got some dry erase vinyl.  I think I'm going to use it to make chore charts for my kids.  They've been begging for me to make them some but I just have a mental block when I go to get started.  I'm going to have to do some Pinterest research on that one. 

Any good chore chart ideas?  How far ahead do you craft?
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