Sunday, March 18, 2012

Crafting Withdrawal

I had MAJOR crafting withdrawal while on vacation last week.  It was pretty bad - there may have been shakes, headaches, anxiety, irritability...okay, not that bad.  But I did miss it.  That is be rectified RIGHT NOW!!

If you're wondering why I have a Christmas tablecloth...and ugly one at's an old vinyl one that I haven't used in forever that is now my crafting table cover.  It protects my dining room table cloth from paint and stuff and when it's on the table, the family KNOWS what I'm up to!!

I am finishing an order for some of my spring wood blocks which I put up in my Etsy store but I am just realizing that I never blogged about them!  So here they are - I love how they turned out.

I love how they turned out!  A gal I know from church ordered 5 sets of the Alleluia ones!  I know I'll see her tomorrow and really want to get them to her.  I also need to finish up my mother-in-law's birthday present (her bday was Friday but we were out of town).  And I have another project that I want to start which hopefully you'll be seeing one of these days! 

I have tons of posts to work on for this week as well.  And grocery shopping.  And laundry since school starts back tomorrow.  And mass to go to!

Yikes - vacation relaxation feeling = GONE!!  Back to REAL life!  Oh well!
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