Monday, March 26, 2012

Jazzercise and Party Planning

I went to Jazzercise tonight for the first time in a while.  Between Spring Break, sick kids, meetings and well, just life, it's been a while since I've gotten to go.  Jazzercise is the ONLY exercise I've ever liked doing.  It's very hard to fit in to my life, despite the many class times they offer, so I try to go when I can and enjoy it.  It relieves all of my stress and it clears my mind.  So tonight while I was dancing, I was thinking about my blog and had an *aha* moment - remember Oprah's aha moments?  It hasn't been that long since she's been gone.

Anyway, I realized that all I blog about is my crafting.  Which is the main reason for this blog, but, there are other things in my life!!

For example, I find myself all of a sudden in the role of party planner.  I'm planning a First Communion party for my daughter which is coming up in May.  This will be a BIG deal and I want it to be very special and memorable for her.  I've been scouring Pinterest for ideas on decorations and food. I'm going to make my own version of this to be the backdrop to the food table.

Uh oh...back to crafting again. Oh well - can't escape it. Isn't it gorgeous though?  Mine is going to be yellow.  And I'm not doing the chalkboard part of it.  But I am doing the flowers.

Anyway, since I'm making a lot of cute stuff for that party, when the opportunity came up to help out with throwing a popcorn and candy party in the teacher's lounge for Teacher Appreciation Week in late April, I decided to sign up for it since I could use some of the same stuff and get more use out of it. Check this fun idea out!

Source: via Stevie on Pinterest

How fun will that be in the teacher's lounge? Mine won't be quite that big but still fun!

Oh yeah, and I'm planning a party in June for my dad that about 700 people are invited to - YES, 700!!  Not that many will come - but that is how many are invited.  Luckily there is a limit to how many people we can have in the facility where we're holding this event so there won't be 700...but there could be as many as 300.  My dad is an ordained deacon in the Catholic Church and this June is the 25th anniversary of his ordination so it's a BIG celebration!

So with all of that going on you can see why I get a little stressed and need to go to Jazzercise once in a while!  I probably need to go a lot more often than once in a while!  We do what we can right??

So now I'm off to get the kids to bed and crawl into my own bed to watch Dancing With the Stars.  My favs are Melissa Gilbert - because who could not love Laura Ingalls - and Max and Cheryl Burke because she's the spokesperson for Jazzercise and it doesn't hurt that her partner this season, William Levy, is mighty easy on the eyes!!  Maybe I'll do a post soon on my favorite television shows.  You might be surprised at some of the things I watch - especially what I watch on a nightly basis to help me go to sleep!  You'll know what a dork I am for sure then!
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