Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Felt Ruffle Spring Wreath

Do you love spring?  I have a love hate relationship with spring.  I love the weather. I love the Easter (and even Lent) season and the services it brings at church.  I hate hate hate the allergies spring brings.  It's a miserable time of year health wise for me.  Spring also means summer is coming.  While I love the lazy summer days and the time I get to spend with my kids...I live in Texas so it's just unbearably hot and all spring I can't help but have that feeling of dread that the HEAT and BATHING SUITS are so very close.

Now, one thing I've noticed about spring (and summer) is that it doesn't inspired me to decorate my home in any special way.  September 1st hits and I'm pulling out the fall decorations and going to town crafting and prettying up the house and this lasts through winter.  But once spring hits, the house just gets boring and stays boring until September!  So with my new love of drafting, I'm trying to pretty up the house for spring.

I knew just what I wanted for the door.  I had so much fun doing my felt ruffle wreath for Valentine's Day and knew I wanted to do it again for spring.  I went out and bought tons of pretty colors of felt.  I made this wreath just like I did when I made my Valentine's Day Wreath post.

I also found and an "M" and knew that needed to be on the wreath. I had some pretty spring fabric so I Mod Podged the fabric onto the initial and added that to the middle.

 I love, love, love the way this wreath turned out! I've been so excited to share it on the Spring Link Party!!

I'm linking up at the Spring Fling Link Party as well as all the parties you see in my sidebar!!

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