Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Planters and Peeps Crafts

I was sick yesterday :(  Head hurt, throat hurt, runny nose - general allergy yuckiness.  On top of that, I had, well, girl stuff going on.  Not a good combo.  So I didn't do this post which I wanted to have done early so I could try to link up to the Spring Craft Link Party.  Boo hoo!  As I start this post, there are already 269 people linked up!!  Oh well - the show must go on!

I wanted show how I did the two crafts I made for my spring mantel.  First up is the  Peeps Planter.  I bought the green planter at Hobby Lobby for 50% off!  I wanted something on the front to dress it up and I quickly thought of the metallic contact paper that my mom found in a bunch of stuff she was going through from my grandmother's house (she passed away last year).  I had been holding on to it until the perfect time. 

So I got out my bestest best friend Cameo and cut out an "M" for our last name.

And put it on!  I still have tons more and am waiting for something really cool to do with it!

Now, it looks pretty shiny in this picture because of the flash from the camera - but I was kind of disappointed because in real life, just on a shelf, it doesn't show up that great.  Oh well, I'll change it one of these days when I order some pretty vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

I bought some plastic grass from Hobby Lobby - actually, I bought it for something else but it ended up not working for that project and working perfectly for this one!  Don't you love it when that happens?

So I put in some green Styrofoam and started sticking the grass in there.  Then I bought some peeps - they are SO cute - and stuck them on dowel rods and into the foam they went! 

Then I took some fabric and made a flower with my bestest best friend Cameo and the fabric interfacing I just got! 

I just love the way it turned out!

I also made the egg shaped topiaries.  I found the styrofoam eggs at Michael's for half off one day a while ago and grabbed them.  I wrapped them in some pretty pink yarn and stuck them on dowel rods.  Then I TRIED to do this Elmer's glue crackle paint trick that I ran across for the flower pots...but it didn't really work well for me.  I think the reason it didn't work is because I only used one color.  That is the only thing I can come up with - especially after I watched this video yesterday.  It reconfirmed that I think I needed to do two colors to make the effect really come across.  Because...well, mine really don't look crackled at all. 

But I love the yellow and pink.  A little girl that I teach was wearing yellow and pink the other day and I thought to myself how much I wanted to make something yellow and pink.  Strange where you can find inspiration!  I decided to use some green yarn for the grass and just laid it on top of the Styrofoam! 

Well, that's it for now!  I can't wait to share my spring wreath next week!  The link party is up to 275 now so I'd better hit publish and get it posted!!  Go visit there - TONS of great ideas!!
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