Thursday, March 8, 2012

Creative Memories Display Board for Spring

What a week it's been around here.  My oldest daughter, blog name Big Bear, is sick.  Here she is - still beautiful despite feeling so bad for a week!

She started running fever on Saturday and I took her to the doctor on Monday.  They swabbed her for strep and it came back negative.  They said it was a virus.  So we went home and she continued to get sicker and sicker.  On Tuesday night she started complaining of her throat hurting so we went back yesterday and boom - now she does have strep.  What the heck?  She could have felt better so much sooner and been back to school earlier.  So frustrating!

Anyway, not much blogging or crafting or really anything going on this week with one sick and trying to get organized for a spring break trip next week.  So this morning I woke up itching to craft!  So here's what I've got!

Several weeks ago Big Bear brought home some amazing drawings of flowers that she made in art class.  I was really impressed with them and have been saving them to display them somehow.  I have this beautiful Creative Memories Magnetic Display Board (let me know if you need a consultant and I'll get you in touch with my wonderful friend) hanging in between my kitchen and family room.  Sadly, this is how it has looked for the past several months.

 Shameful - I know!

It was time to do something about this!  I put all of Big Bear's flower drawings on a 12x12 piece of white scrapbook paper. 

 Then I got out my bestest best friend, Cameo, and got to cutting! 

Here's how the whole thing looks!

Much better!  So fun and springy!  What have you been up to? 

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