Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Amazing Bent Cling On! Paintbrush

When I first took a look at this new line of paint brushes to determine what to order, I was instantly excited try the round and/or oval brushes.  I've always preferred them to flat even though I've been using the Purdy brand which are flat.  I just think that the round/oval are so much easier to hold in my opinion.  I could not for the life of me figure out the bent brushes though.  I did order one...just to try.  While waiting for our initial order to get here from Holland, I read a review from our fearless leader, Shannon, since she had already been using the brushes for a bit.  She loved that she could use that bent brush to get up into corners pretty easily.  Hmmm...okay.  I could get on board with that.

Fast forward to today - I've had the brushes about a week and while I LOVE my oval brush for the main painting job, I already cannot imagine trying to paint without my little bent wonder brush - I have the P20 size. Take a look at some reasons why in this short little video!!

Just a few examples of why this is a great brush!!  Many of the Shabby Paints Stylists are now retailing these, and many more will be soon!  So call the one near you and check this little wonder brush out for yourself soon! 
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