Saturday, March 1, 2014

Not Quite What You Want? Make Your Own Color!

I've been posting about the new great colors Wheelbarrow Cottage is carrying now and showing examples.  But, you don't have to just use the paint as it comes out of the jar.  Something really fun to do is MIX the colors together to make new colors!

I did this recently.  I mixed some Dynasty Blue with Garfield Grey and Real Teal Shimmer Paint.

Here's how it came out!  I knew it would be perfect for this little table!

 And it is!  I painted it, then distressed it and finished it with Pearl ReVax.  I wish the Pearl ReVax would show better in this picture.  It is so pretty!

What color would you love to create?  So what are you doing still sitting at your computer?  Get to mixing? Need some help?  Visit Shabby Paints website for Recipes!
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