Friday, March 7, 2014

Cling On! Paintbrushes Are Here

Star Trek?  Nope...paint brushes!  All the way from The Netherlands!  Shabby Paints retailers are excited to be carrying this new line of paint brushes never before offered in the USA!

These brushes were developed by a professional painter who was frustrated with the brushes on the market.  As long as they are cared for properly, they retain their shape and don't require a lot upkeep, conditioning, etc.  The filaments of the Cling On!'s are specially dyed and treated for easier cleaning.

They are equipped with top quality nylon filaments.  They are extremely durable and suffer much less wear.  The brushes are super light weight.  Several of the stylists have problems with wrists and such and use these with no problems.

Don't care about that?  How about this?  Those that have been using them for a while report that they do not lose all.  I have only used them a few times so far but haven't lost one either.

I love the crooked one!  I'm paining my cabinets.  Check this out!

I had painted this area before I switched colors and it was tough to get up in that corner.  This was SO much easier!

And if none of that suits your about the prices?  I've bought fancy paintbrushes before.  They can be expensive!!  These are NOT!  Very reasonable.  The highest one I purchased is $20!

Now, I only ordered a few this time. I wasn't sure how they'd do sales wise and had never tried them.  After trying them, I'm 100% on board and think these are an excellent purchase if it's something you're interested in!!  If they do well, I'll order a bunch more.

Another thing I can order, if there is interest, is the brush keeper.

This is the brush keeper. It's made for the more serious painter who wants to save water, time, and their brushes. It holds water for your brush to sit in between uses. The bristles are suspended in the water and do not rest on the bottom which rinses them out and helps them keep their shape. The next time you need your brush just shake it out or give it a quick rinse and your ready to go.  Contact me if this is something you are interested in.  I will require pre-ordering and pre-payment for this product.

I hope you'll try these out.  Get out to the Antique Gallery Mall of Mesquite quickly though - I don't think they'll last long!!

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