Monday, March 17, 2014

How to Apply Vax and ReVax - Video!!

Are you into St. Patrick's Day? It's not really that exciting to me for some reason. I wore my green today though!

I got a lot done this past week over spring break.  I am not ready for spring break to be over.  I so enjoyed spending time with the kids, not being on a schedule, and just relaxing and having some time to get stuff done around the house! 

I also had some time to paint and I'll be showing some projects soon.  They're not all quite done...but close!

I keep being amazed over and over again about how easy it is to use vax compared to wax. I shared a lot of them here in my Why Shabby Paints Series.  But I'll share some again!

What about not having to wear gloves or a mask because it's not toxic and has NO VOC's!  This is a big deal. A Shabby Stylist recently saw a woman post something about how happy she was to be using another line of paint because it was safe for pregnant women...when in fact it is not.  Some of this particular product is LOW VOC but it states on the container that pregnant women should not be using it.  Shabby Paints is NO VOC and we are not required to state any exceptions for pregnant women...or anyone else.

Another great thing about Vax is that you don't have to spend a ton of time and effort rubbing and buffing. You just paint or apply it with a wet brush or a sponge. You don't have to wipe it off afterwards and you certainly don't have to buff it!

Are you on the Shabby Paints Questions and Answers group on Facebook? If not, you should be! I think you should be able to request to join and someone will approve you.  If that doesn't work, send me a message on Wheelbarrow Cottage or here and I will get you added. If you are on it, you may have seen where a gal mentioned letting her furniture cure for 30 days. Imagine how excited and happy she was when she was told that she did NOT need to do that with Vax?!?! She only needed to maybe wait about 48 hours!

I could go on and on but will stop for now. But I do want to share this video that Shabby Paints owner Shannon made to show one way to apply Vax. I think it is very helpful to watch others do this before trying it.

Let me know if you have any questions about Vaxing!

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