Saturday, January 3, 2015

Shabby Paints Hashtag Contest - Win Free Paint

2015 will be an exciting year for Shabby Paints!  We are kicking it off with an amazing year long contest!  Every month, 10 people will win FREE PAINT!!  Please go and read all of the rules but here are the basics...

Post a picture of your finished Shabby Paints projects along with the hashtags #shabbypaints and #giveaway and then the colors that you used (with hashtags as well).  These can be posted on your own pages/walls/etc on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Hometalk, Pinterest, Searchable Blogs, and Google+.  We highly suggest using a watermark on your pictures.  It's not a requirement to win but it will keep you safe from others stealing pictures of your work and passing it off as their own.  It happens. 
It will be so exciting to see all of these projects popping up!!  Good luck!!  I hope to be hearing from you soon as a WINNER!!

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