Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chalkboard vs. Chalked Paint

I was talking to someone recently and telling them about my booth at the antique mall and painting furniture and my new found love of Shabby Paints chalked paint. She got a funny look on her face - it's one I've seen before. It's an indication of a very common misconception.  You see, she in envisioning my entire house painted in furniture that looks like this from this post on chalkboard painted furniture.

Is this what you were picturing too?  These are great!  But I wouldn't want all of my furniture painted this way!  There is a big difference between chalkboard paint...and chalk paint.

Chalk paint is a different animal all together.  It is a chalk based paint and it's all the rage in DIY circles for several reasons.  For one, it's just so darn easy to use!  The furniture doesn't need to be primed or sanded before starting. You just...paint!  This appeals not only to my extremely lazy side, but also my impatient streak.  When I want to paint something, and have the beautiful gleaming brand new can of paint...I just can't WAIT to slap that it on!  It drives me crazy to have to do any prep work! 

Another reason people also like it is because it is a more natural alternative to other types of paint.  It has low to no VOC's (volatile organic compound), you know those nasty fumes that can wreak havoc on some people's respiratory systems.  So you can paint indoors, around children, and it won't bother people with asthma or other respiratory problems.  It comes in many gorgeous colors.  And for those who like the shabby distressed look, chalk paint sands off easily sometimes even with just a wet wipe.

Now you may have noticed in some places I referred to it as chalk paint and in some as chalked paint. That's a long story but basically there are many different brands of chalk paint.  Chalk paint itself has been around for a LONG time but one company who makes it actually trademarked the term "chalk paint" and so now all of the other companies have to call it something else.

The brand I LOVE is called Shabby Paints and theirs is called chalked paint so now I've gotten in the habit of calling it that.

Here are some examples of things I've done with chalk'ish paint of various brands besides the ones I've shown you recently here and here.

 Above is a part of a coffee table I painted and waxed but I never took a picture of the entire thing and at this moment it's covered in Legos and markers and kids' junk!!

I hope this clears up any questions or confusion about chalkboard vs chalked paint! If you have any questions, please let me know!!  And be on the look out for a big announcement from Wheelbarrow Cottage very soon!!  It's going to be an exciting and colorful 2014!
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