Sunday, December 15, 2013


Anyone else feel busy and crazy?

Last week started with an ice storm that had us at a dead standstill.  But then...we went back to real life and it was zero to sixty.

We had...a piano recital, 3 performances of a musical in which my daughter had a couple of solo parts (which means I was there for every performance), a parent teacher conference, Girl Scout meeting, field trip (an outside the cold AND rain), cookies to son's class for birthday, son's birthday, religious education service project, Junior Catholic Daughter's service project, Christmas shopping, and a doctor's appointment. 

In the midst of all that...I sold a dresser at the antique mall!!  Luckily, my mom and partner, was able to take some little things out there to replenish.  It went from this

 to this

Still looks cute but I think it's lacking the one big anchor piece.  I'm working on the middle of 5 million other things.  Can't wait to show off the piece I'm doing right now.  Can't wait to have time to finish it!!

In the mean time, let me finish showing you the rest of what I worked on during the ice storm.  I blogged about the rooster and the owl here.

Do you have an old frame that looks worn and tired?  Or the color is out of date?  Frames are super easy pieces to refinish.  Just a little #Shabby Paint chalked paint and a quick finish of Varnish to protect it and you've got a brand new piece.

I also worked on a frame that turned out GORGEOUS!  I bought it at an estate sale and at first it looked like this...

It was not horrible looking but so much better with Shabby Paints Peacock blue, Old Gold glaze and Varnish.

Maybe you have a little table or dresser that is in great shape but a tad boring?  Next up is an adorable little side table/dresser that fits this description perfectly.  My mom bought it for my grandfather's room at the nursing home where he was living this time last year.  He passed away in January.  I drive by the nursing home many times a week when I go to Jazzercise and still get a pain in my heart when I see it.

Anyway, I got too excited about refinishing this piece and did not take before pictures - the more you follow me and my blog the more you'll realize I'm a huge airhead and am constantly forgetting to take before pictures!

But, the brown that you see is the before color - just slightly boring-ish.  The more you follow me and my blog the more you'll realize that I make up my own English language. 

I painted the front of the drawers and the sides in Shabby Paint Worn White and then gave it a distressed looking finish of Hazelnut #ReVax.  I love how it turned out!

So that ends the tour of stuff I finished during the ice storm! I got a lot done!

But most special during that time was the family together-ness (see, my own language again).  We watched movies, went sledding (well, not me - haha), baked and ate together.  It was wonderful to have some forced downtime.  Makes us remember to sometimes CHOOSE to take that downtime together every once in a while!

In the meantime, take a look around your house and see what pieces you have that might need a spruce up.  It can be an easy way to make some changes in your home #decor.
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