Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ice Storm Blues

It's been COLD and ICY here in Dallas the past few days!  This is our first day back to real life since last Thursday!  We actually had a great time. Luckily, our electricity didn't go out like many people we know.  The kids watched a LOT of tv and went sledding several times.  I baked and we all ate bad for you stuff.  We kept a fire blazing in the fireplace.  And I did TONS of painting!!!  I'll be sharing some projects with you!

See the rooster and owl above?  They've been in my booth since day one.  They're cute - but I knew they could be awesome!

Even if you don't have a booth, painting is a great way to spruce up decorations you've had around the house before holiday entertaining starts up.  It can also help with holiday gifts.  Both of the items I'm highlighting here were bought at thrift stores for a dollar or so.  A little paint makes them both gift worthy...in fact, someone I know MAY be getting one of them - but I won't say who and give it away!

I used Shabby Paints Peacock Chalked Paint which is a pretty bright blue - kind of turqoise'ish.

The rooster has lots of grooves so I finished him off with black ReVax and it turned out gorgeous!

The owl got pearl ReVax!  Might be hard to see well in the picture but it looks gorgeous in person.

Vax is Shabby Paint's amazing furniture finish that gives the protection of varnish and the look of wax.  Put away your buffing cloths and sore arms - all you do is paint them on!  No rubbing, buffing, or sweating while you finish up those projects!  It's amazing!  ReVax is Vax in colors - pearl, black and hazelnut (dark brown).  They are beautiful!

I also did a frame with a glaze and a small dresser in Worn White with hazelnut ReVax. Stay tuned to see how those turned out!!

Stay warm!

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