Saturday, July 7, 2012

Camp TShirts With T-Shirt Vinyl

Camp time!!  Big Bear is headed to camp soon!  She loves it.  It's a week long and she doesn't even miss home or her parents one bit.  I am blown away by this because there is NO WAY my parents could have dropped me off at a camp for a week by myself when I was a kid.  They were lucky they got me out the door to college!  She is very different from me as a child.

This year she has two friends going with her.  I decided to make them some cute matching shirts to wear.  So I placed an order with Expressions Vinyl.  They get their stuff out SO fast!  I had my order within a couple of days, broke out the Cameo and got to cutting!

The camp they go to is a Catholic one and and the theme this year is Under My Roof.  This is a phrase that comes from one of the new translations of the mass that was introduced earlier in the year. I tried to replicate their logo as best I could with the roof top and cross.  I cut that out in regular green t-shirt vinyl.  Then I found a campfire in the Silhouette store.  I cut one of the fire pieces out of fabric using the clean cut transfer paper from Silhouette.  I cut the other one out of regular red t-shirt vinyl.  The log was cut out of brown t-shirt vinyl.

Next I used some of the SUPER fun glitter t-shirt vinyl to make their names!  This is where I did something wrong - the C & the E in this one ended up meshed together.  I think I must have smushed them together during ironing.  Oh well, it won't be that noticeable when she's wearing it.  Isn't it pretty though?  I can't wait to make tons more fun stuff with the glitter vinyl.  I see baby gifts, Christmas gifts and much more in my future!!

I love the way these shirts came out.  I hope the girls have so much fun at camp!!

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