Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Camp T-Shirt and Address Trading Cards

I wanted to show off how cute Big Bear is in her camp shirt that I talked about in this post!!  I am going to miss her so much!

I never went to camp as a kid but I can just imagine one of the most fun parts of camp is meeting other kids from all over the place.  I had high hopes for Big Bear to write to friends and keep in touch.  Last year, my mom made Big Bear the cutest little laminated cards with her name, address and picture that she could pass out to new friends so that they could write to her. However, no one did until just a few days ago!  We couldn't believe it when out of no where this letter came after a whole year!  The little girl must have been gearing up for camp herself.  In fact, she might have ended up being there this week too - a few weeks later than Big Bear went last year.  On the flip side, Big Bear didn't get anyone's addresses last year - she just passed out her own.  She also never wrote to me but that's another topic for another post!!  Haha!

So, in typical me fashion, I came up with an idea at THE LAST MINUTE. Why can't I ever have creative ideas IN PLENTY OF TIME??? I thought of a way, using my Cameo, to be able to both pass out her address and collect them at the same time. Here's what I did...

Going into the Silhouette Studio Software, I made a rounded rectangle and then made a mirror image of it.

Then I welded it the two shapes together.

Next, I added a line in the middle of the two shapes and went to the Cut Style page.  I turned that line into perforated.

Next I added my text.  I set the page to have registration marks and from there I printed them out as a Print and Cut project and cardstock.

Here's what I ended up with.  They turned out so cute.

One side has our address while the other side has room for the friend to fill in their address information. Since they are perforated, they can tear them apart and trade. In fact, when I showed Big Bear, she said, "Oh, like trading cards".

I hope she actually uses them and gets some addresses!  It will be so fun for her to be able to write some letters and keep in touch with some friends who she'll see next year.
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