Friday, February 20, 2015

Shabby Paints Texture - Wood Filler

Even though Valentine's Day is over, I'm still thinking about love.  I have a new product that I love and a new finished piece of furniture that I love!  The product is one that I haven't talked much about - Texture.  I haven't talked much about it because I haven't used it much!  But it's a versatile product that can enhance your projects.  And like all of our products, it is NO VOC and Non-Toxic so you can feel perfectly safe using it!

For example, it can be used with stencils.  Place your stencil down and fill it in with texture, then paint!  I makes the piece look raised.
It can also be used as a wood filler.  A friend gave me this cute table - so nice of her!  She didn't even charge me - she just wanted it out of her house!

But some of the top was coming off.
So, I got out my texture and started working on it.  I would spread some on with a tiny little spatula that my mother-in-law stuck in my stocking and let it dry.
Once dry, I would sand it but it would sand down too far.  Since it was my first time to try this, I was being pretty conservative with it and kept thinking I was done so I'd paint and quickly notice it wasn't quite even.  After doing this a couple of times I asked my husband for help.  He said I needed to put way more on and build it up higher than the top of the table and then sand down even to the table.  So I started layering it on, letting it dry, layering it on, letting it dry...finally I felt like it was high enough to sand it down evenly.    That seemed to do the trick!

Then I painted the entire thing, distressed, and finished in in a coat of Vax and then a coat of Black ReVax.  I love how it turned out!
I can't wait to put it the shop and see if it sells!!

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