Friday, October 3, 2014

FAQ Friday: What is Vax / ReVax?

I think one of the most frequently asked questions I run into pertain to Vax and ReVax.  These products are unique to the Shabby Paints line.  In fact, the first time I ever heard of Shabby Paints was when a stylist was describing Vax and I knew immediately that I HAD to try it!  I started looking into Shabby Paints and the rest, as they say, is history.

From the Shabby Paints website:
Shabby Paints Zero VOC VAX Top Coat is not a wax. It’s a combination of high quality Varnish and Acrylic resin that applies easily with a damp brush or damp applicator sponge for a durable matte finish. VAX dries to a wax like matte finish with all the depth and beauty you are looking for minus the buffing, toxic fumes, need to reapply and damage to our environment.  It protects your piece against heat, scratches, ultraviolet rays and harmful pollutants.
Vax is a sheer - or clear - finish while ReVax comes in different colors...hazelnut, black, pearl, white and glitter.  Often people think it is less able to protect the furniture and that they need a topcoat of Vax but this is not the case.  ReVax is just as good a finish as Vax. 
Vanity with Sheer Vax

Both can be applied with a regular paintbrush OR a Vax / ReVax applicator sponge.  The applicator sponges are sold by your local stylist. 

There is a learning curve to using both.  I suggest practicing on a sample board first.  Although, I'll admit I never did that - too impatient!  Haha! 

Here are some tips:

*Whether you use the Vax applicator or a brush, make sure it is damp.  Not soaking wet - dip it water and then squeeze out or dry on a towel.  As you apply and you feel it start to drag a bit, re-wet.

*Work quickly if you're working on a large surface. 

*If your first coat of Vax is streaky, don't panic!  Let it dry completely to the touch and then reapply and it should fill in the spots where it looks like it didn't reach.

Side tables with Hazelnut ReVax
*ReVax - especially black - can be trickier.  There are two different things you can do for this.  One is to apply a coat of Vax (or our Varnish which is a shinier finish), and then apply your ReVax.  This way, if it goes on too dark, you can use a Magic Eraser to take some off without messing up the paint.  The second way is to mix Vax and ReVax together - about 3 parts Vax to one part ReVax - to cut down on how dark it is and give you a little more control.

*Use very thin coats

*Only do 2 coats in a 24 hour period some videos about application first before trying it yourself.  My website has a ton of great videos made by several different talented stylists that you can watch!

Hope this helps clear up a little of the mystery of Vax / ReVax!  It is a wonderful product to use!

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