Monday, October 6, 2014

Hoping For Boring

What a crazy few days it's been around here!! The kind of crazy that leaves you hoping for some boring in your life!

First we have the very first Ebola patient housed at the hospital 4 miles from my house! It's our go to ER location!  YIKES!  That freaked me out!   I KNOW we aren't in danger at this's just SO CLOSE! Then we get a call that a few kids may have been exposed at a school right down the street!!  Where my neighbor works and her son goes!  It just seemed like I couldn't tear myself away from the news last week because you just never knew what might happen next!

Then we had a crazy storm that lasted about 5 minutes but 80mph straight line winds took out the electricity all over the city!  We were without power for about 18 hours. The kids couldn't even go to school on Friday because the school had no power. Yikes!!

Oh yea, in between all of that, I had one kid sick withe a fever and congestion and one with a stomach virus!

Needless to say, I haven't gotten a lot of work done lately.  I've just been trying to keep up!

I did want to share the newly redone Shabby Paints website!  I looks awesome!  I love the big paint splash when you first open it up.  There is SO much great information on that page!  Check it out!

Hoping for a bit calmer week this week.  Actually...I really just want BORING!  Hoping for boring in your life too!
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