Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Painting Accessory For Sale...Scrubby Soap!!

We're talking cleanliness today.  It is next to Godliness right?  So the saying goes!

Anyone who has used Vax and or ReVax knows how hard it can be to get off of your hands...and mostly your fingernails!  I have washed hands, showered, scrubbed...and still had it on my nails days later!!  I PROMISE I DO SHOWER!  Haha!

How about getting those brushes clean?  I admit, since I've used Cling On! brushes this is not nearly the challenge it used to be in the past.  They are just so easy to clean!  But...I am very ADHD and forget to drop my brush in water and leave it out too long and even my Cling On! can get dried paint on it from time to time.

And then there's my husband! No, he's not dirty - usually. But his hobby can create some dirty, greasy hands from time to time. He builds and flies Control Line airplanes (think Radio Control airplanes but...very different at the same time).  His hands get greasy and dirty and caked with all kinds of glues and products when he's building a new plane or after being out at the field flying his plane.

Scrubby Soap to the rescue!  Have you heard of this soap?  It's all the rage right now in the painting world but it has so many more uses!!  It's an all natural, soap infused scrubber that works magic on dirty hands and paintbrushes.  It works on paint, grease, oil...and it smells AMAZING!!

They are made of natural biodegradable oils.   Here is the list of what it cleans from their website:

You! Everyone! If you're not getting dirty,greasy, oily, or painting... you're just not living!
Mechanics - removes dirt, grease, & oil
Artists & Painters - removes paint from your body,
cleans and conditions paint brushes
Gardeners - removes dirt & sap
Kitchens - removes tough grease from pots & pans
Fishing - removes fish oil & odor from hands
 Sounds great huh?  I used the scrubber the other day to get my hands and paintbrushes clean after working on a project and I couldn't believe it!  Now, admittedly, we haven't put it to the husband dirty, greasy hands test yet.  I couldn't wait any longer to tell you I'd be carrying these soaps and he hasn't done any dirty work since then.  But I'll be sure to share with you when he does!

As soon as I get over this stomach bug / sinus crud I'll get them delivered to my locations!  You can also order them directly from Scrubby Soaps at www.scrubbysoap.com. 
In the meantime, watch this video that this adorable lady Angela from did!  I couldn't do it any better!!

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