Thursday, July 31, 2014

Coffee Table Make Over

I envy people who can buy a piece of furniture, instantly have a vision for it, come home and immediately get to work on it!  I usually buy a piece of furniture, know it has potential, bring it home and think and think and think and think about it...and then days, weeks or maybe months later...get to work on it!

Which are you?  If you're #1 - yay for you.  Haha.

This is what happened with this coffee table I found at a thrift store for a STEAL because it was missing one panel of glass.

I immediately knew I wanted it to be a turquoise color - not sure why.  That was just it's color.  But I had NO idea what to do with the top.  NO CLUE.  I had a million ideas but never could settle on anything.  Until I found this post from Honey Bear Lane about replacing a glass table top with wood planks.  This table is so cute!

Unfortunately, I'm not the wood worker or handy-woman.  So I had to bring in reinforcements!
Can you tell how excited he is?  He'd rather be playing with my son's super man that he's holding.  Haha - just kidding.  He was actually very sweet because a project that I thought would be SUPER easy ended up taking up a lot of his day.  Not that it was hard, it just took him a while to figure out each step and how to do it. If he were to do another one, it would be quick and easy.

So, he cut the wood panels and nailed them together.  I got some Shabby Paints Hazelnut ReVax and went about staining the wood.  Then I went over it again with some Shabby Paints Black ReVax.

It turned out so pretty!  Next I mixed up some Shabby Paints to make a teal color that another stylist created.  Her recipe is this: Peacock, Marine and Antique Verde. 3 parts,2 parts, 1 part

I didn't have Peacock but I had Jewel so I substituted that and then some So Serene...and I honestly have NO idea what the final recipe I ended up with was exactly.  But I LOVE IT!!

Here's the final product.

I think it turned out gorgeous!  About to put it on some sites for sale and see how it does!

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