Friday, February 21, 2014

What New Colors Are On Their Way? Color Clue #3

Color Clue #3: This is our newest color that was just recently added. As a Jazzerciser, when I hear this name, I think of a rapper who makes TONS of songs that we dance to! In fact, I think you could almost have a whole class of his songs! But since I know our owner is a huge dog lover/owner, I'm pretty sure it's named after her canine friends! In fact, proceeds from this color go to various animal rescue organizations!

The answer: Pit Bull Pink!  There are so many fun things I can think of to do with this color...starting with my daughter's desk!  It would look gorgeous with some of the blues for a baby shower.  Or with Licorice for an older girl's room.  Or Garfield Grey...or Lillian Grey.  Haha - I keep thinking of more and more colors that would look great with it!  Oh, and 50% of proceeds from this color go to animal rescue charities!

I love this chair!  It looks like it has some black ReVax on it.  And the fabric with it - adorable!

Here's a frame turned into a photo board.  How cute would that look in a teenager's room or college dorm room!

I know I keep saying this about every color but...I can't WAIT to get my hands on it!!  

How am I ever going to know what to start with when I get my new paints????
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