Monday, February 17, 2014

What New Colors Are On Their Way? Color Clue #1

New colors are coming to Wheelbarrow Cottage very soon!  I am so excited to get my hands on them!  So, in honor of the new colors, I'll be posting clues as to which ones will be showing up on the shelves on my Facebook Page, and then pictures of pieces painted with those colors here on the blog.  So be sure and check both often!  Here is Color Clue #1!

First paint color clue!! This color represents amazingly brave men and women who are heroes among us. It doesn't describe any of our Presidents (I was hoping for the President's Day tie in!) but the following famous people can claim it...Drew Carey, Don Imus, Shaggy (a rapper - I didn't know either), The Everly Brothers, and Captain Kangaroo. Who knows it??

The answer: Marine Blue!  I can't wait to paint some things with this gorgeous color.  To be honest, when I first started looking at Shabby Paints colors, I wasn't at all interested in it.  But the more pieces I saw painted in it, the more excited I got to use it!  So take a look for yourself!

Aren't they all so gorgeous?  

Okay, be on the lookout for some more clues and pictures coming up soon! 
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