Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Painted Fall Frame

Just in time for fall stuff to stop selling and Christmas stuff to start...I made a beautiful fall frame!  I know, I'm always a step behind.  Oh well!

I've had this one for a LONG time! I got it super discounted at Hobby Lobby forever ago. It had this lovely picture in it.

Hahaha!!  Hello Mr. Fish.  Looks like your luck ran out!!

 I tricked the kids and showed it to them when it was still in the frame and told them it was going over the couch.  They were like WHAT???

Here is a picture of just the frame.

And a close up.

Nice details but I knew it would be so much better painted!

I started out with a coat of CeCe Caldwell Texas Prarie - kind of a light green color.

Don't you love my painting table cloth?  It used to clearly be a Christmas one and now it is just all kinds of random colors.

Next I covered it with CeCe Caldwell's Mesa Sunset.  I distressed with a wet wipe and then gave it a coat of CeCe Caldwell's Satin Finish.  I didn't get a picture of these two steps.

Last, I covered it in Shabby Paints Hazelnut ReVax to make it look aged.  I LOVE this stuff if I haven't said it a million other times.  It's a varnish and a wax - without the hard work of wax!!  I could have used dark wax and a it would have taken a lot of muscle work and time.  But instead I just painted it on and was done!  Easy Peasy!  Oh, and gorgeous if I do say so myself!  Barbecue I've found if you don't compliment yourself, sometimes you don't get compliments!  Haha!  Unless you hint around for them like I'm doing now and then you're never really sure if they're real or not.  Oh well - I take them how I can get them!

And it's now in my booth - #0622 Wheelbarrow Cottage in the Antique Mall of Mesquite - 3330 N. Galloway, Mesquite, TX 75150 - open 10-6 M-Sat and 12-6 on Sunday!

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