Thursday, September 12, 2013

Burlap and Chevron Pumpkin Tutorial

Fall is my favorite season/time of year!  We don't technically get much typical fall weather in Texas - we have flashes of it though!  But, enjoy the beautiful colors, tastes, decorations and activities of fall!  I always make taco soup on the first football Sunday so I did that this past weekend...even though I had the one bad thing about fall - my first fall cold/allergy crud - boo!!

I'm also busy decorating for fall.  I made a super fun fall craft while lying around sick last weekend.

This cute pumpkin is made from three different burlap - regular, orange and a chevron burlap for the stem.  And then some cute chevron fabric in fall colors.  I got the fabric and burlap from this Etsy store - Dorothy Prudie Fabric. She has the cutest stuff!

I cut all of the fabric into a pumpkin shape.  I just got a clip art pumpkin, printed it and then blew it up with my tracing projector and traced 3 sizes on the wall.

I cut two pieces of the regular burlap which was the biggest size.  I only needed one of the orange middle sized pumpkin and one of the smallest fabric pumpkin.  Then I put Mod Podge all over the burlap pieces.  It made them stiff and I read it should help the edges not to fray.

Once it was all dried, I hot glued fabric onto the orange piece, the orange piece onto the regular burlap and then the two regular burlap pieces together but I left a gap in the middle.  Once the hot glue dried, I stuffed it with plastic grocery bags until it was all full and fluffed up like a pillow.  For the stem I just rolled up a piece of burlap with brown chevron print, hot glued it together and then hot glued it into the opening and sealed it all up!

It's supposed to be a front door decoration but I LOVE IT so much, I don't know if I can bring myself to put it outside and risk anything happening to it.  I think I might make it a mantel decoration!

I need to hang it up on the fence posts but I was just too excited to share to wait until I had time to do that!!  I love it and it was super easy!
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