Thursday, July 16, 2015

Informative and Instructional How To Video - Gelato Gel Stain

Have you used the Gelato Gel Stain yet? I haven't...and I'm NOT happy about it! It's just so crazy with the kids home for summer. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE having them home and we have a great time - going to the pool, shopping, playing board games, movies.

It's just hard to focus on anything because when we're home I'm either exhausted from whatever activity we've done that day or they're coming in and asking me things or showing me what they just made or telling me who just did what to them. I'm so ADHD that it just takes one little thing for me to get distracted and completely loose my train of thought!
Headed to the pool!!
So the furthest I've gotten on trying the Gelato is to do little sample boards which gave me a great feel for what the colors look like but not really how to use the product.

Luckily for me, Kandice from Just For the Woods, who not only does amazing work but she stages beautifully, made a video for us!  She did a bunch of pieces with the Gelato Gel Stain before it came out so that we'd have some examples to show like in this post.

Hope this helps! I'm hoping to get around to doing some practicing so I can let you know what I think and then maybe once school starts I can get a video done as well! I know it's helpful to watch how different people do it. For example, I will more than likely use a brush so that will be a big difference!

I'll be putting this video on the video section of my website if you need to see it again later!

Send pics if you do any projects with Gelato Gel Stain!
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