Monday, July 27, 2015

Color Charts and Scrubby Soap Rescue!

Anyone else struggling to keep kids entertained this summer? We are not constant camp people. I know some kids are in different camps every week of from the end of one school year to the beginning of another! Not only do we not have the money for that, I miss my kids during the school year and enjoy the time home with them! I also think there is great value in kids being bored. They learn to be creative!

I do admit to having gotten lazy about limiting screen time and television in the past few weeks though so I decided to get a little more strict last week. It paid off! After a few hours of them being miserably bored and me being the meanest mom EVER, they got together and started writing and planning a movie. They ended up recruiting a few other neighborhood kids as well. There are costumes changes, hair and make up, and even a flash back scene. I am not allowed to see any of it until it's done of course but from the bits and pieces I've seen them doing and heard them talking about, I am anticipating an epic thriller!

They did have some down time in between filming the other day though and the "B" (bored) word was bandied about. My rule is that if I hear the "B" word, I will put the offender to work! Usually chores but this time it was a little more fun than usual. I was working on color charts to sell in the booth and online so they got to help with that and thought it was great fun!

My middle daughter helped as well but I didn't get a picture. She is the one who ran off and left the paintbrush on the table with Cranberry Bliss in it! I had no idea until a day or so later when I went to work on it some more and found a dried up, sticky Cranberry Bliss mess of a paintbrush. Yikes! Momentary panic but I then I thought...

Using my Scrubby Soap I was able to get the Cranberry Bliss mess off of my brush and continue on making little paint dots!

These will be available in the next week or so! It is taking longer than you would think and there are a few colors that I don' have in my personal stash. I don't want to open brand new jars so I'm trying to figure out a work around on that!

Meanwhile, Scrubby Soap is available in Orange and Lemon at both the Antique Gallery of Mesquite location (booth #0622) and the Amazing Again Furniture location in Dallas!

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