Friday, May 8, 2015

Cling On! Paintbrushes Restocked

Exciting news!  I just got a HUGE order of Cling On! Paintbrushes!  The Antique Gallery of Mesquite and Amazing Again Furniture are both restocked with brushes.

Look at all of those lovely brushes!

I've been using the same brushes for quite a while now - P20, P16, F30, F40, and O35.  While they are still in great shape, a few are starting to show some signs of wear.  That's pretty darn good as most of them I've used for probably about a year now.

I have always preferred the flat brushes for most of my painting.  Of course the bent brushes (P20, P16) come in handy for many different areas of projects.  Here is an example: I was unpacking the new brushes I picked up a couple of the round brushes.  In particular, the R14.
 I LOVED the way it felt in my hand!  I can't explain it but it wasn't too big, wasn't too small - just felt really comfortable. I thought maybe it was going to be too small so I picked up the R16 and moved it around in my hands but the R14 just felt better to me.  This will be different for everyone.

I knew I had to try it next! I have been working with it a little bit this morning and LOVE IT!  It's my new go to for sure!

I hope you'll try a Cling On! very soon!  These brushes are sturdy.  They don't lose bristles.  They are easy to clean - especially with Scrubby Soap.

Here's a picture of the whole array along with prices.  I don't carry all of the brushes - but I have quite a few now.  I also do not carry the brush keeper.  I personally just keep mine in water while I'm using them.

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