Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer Painting Project #1 - a Dresser...Done!!

A while back ago I posted that I had some summer painting plans...one being this dresser!

Here is what it originally looked like when we got it from a family friend.

As I said in the other post, I painted and waxed it a couple of years ago.  You may or may not know that wax has to be reapplied periodically.  I can't stand waxing once...much less re-doing it ever year!  Nope, no thanks!

So I decided to repaint and use ReVax - Shabby Paints answer to the waxing issue.  No buffing, no rubbing, no need to re-apply!  AND...you get all of that with NO VOC's!   You can work on your piece in side from start to finish - no fumes, no health issues, no reason NOT to use it!

So, I mixed up a custom color by one of our wonderful stylists called Shabby Sage - 2 parts Garfield Grey, one part Antique Verde.  I painted the dresser and then went over it with one of the Shimmer Glazes - Vibrant Gold.

Last, I used Hazelnut ReVax to protect it and give it that waxed look!!  I love how it turned out!

It's so shiny and pretty looking!  The shimmer paints and glazes are so pretty and give pieces such an added "oomph!!"!

Onto the next summer project...bunk beds for my girls' rooms!!  Stay tuned for those!

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