Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Peacock...No, Taupe Stenciled Desk

She started out looking like this...

 I blogged about how a friend texted one day asking if I wanted to buy a desk her neighbor hadn't sold at a garage sale.  I immediately went and got it because it was a great deal.  She's so cute!

She soon became this...
I painted her in Shabby Paints Peacock blue and put Black ReVax on her.  I absolutely loved her!! She went straight to my booth...and sat, and sat, and sat.  No one wanted to take her home!  Sad.

So I brought her home and loved on her some more.  Here she is now!
I can't figure out which I love more!!  Now she is wearing one Shabby Paints newest colors, Cali Taupe, and some worn white.  I stenciled her drawers to make her extra fancy!  She has dovetail drawers and her last owner got her from an aunt and estimates she's from the 1930's!!

She is waiting for her new owners and can't wait to be a beautiful desk for someone!

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