Thursday, April 24, 2014

Marine Blue Doggie Bed

Have you seen the cute dog beds people are making from little side tables? I've seen tons of cute ones on Pinterest lately. So one day while browsing my favorite thrift store, I ran across a neat side table that wasn't too expensive so I snatched it up. 

Of usual...I forgot to take a before picture.  What is wrong with me???  So, just picture it brown if you need a before!

I painted it in Shabby Paints Marine Blue Chalked Paint. Such a pretty color! I finished it with Shabby Paints Varnish finish.  I actually have never used it before and don't sell it yet but had some and wanted to try it. My mom made the cute pillow inside. Precious!!  Here's another shot.

Oh...and bonus...this table has a lazy susan on the bottom of it!!  Why?  I have no idea!  But I thought it added to it's unique character!  Hopefully it won't bother the dog as it goes in and out.  It only turns if pushed and doesn't spin very fast so I think it will be fine.

My son insisted that I needed to put a dog in the picture. To show what it would look like when the doggie went to lay down in here you go!

Haha!  So cute!  And even cuter...well, in my opinion.

This (the table and pillow only - not the stuffed animal or the cute kid) will be available for purchase at the Aspasians Arts and Crafts Fair in Rockwall, Tx this weekend!!

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