Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Porch - Shabby Paints Review

FINALLY!!!  Fall is HERE!!  Well, the weather doesn't feel too fallish today, but it's Texas so we take what we can get.  It's supposed to feel like fall next week...and it did for a bit last yay!

And FINALLY!!!  I finished my fall porch.  It took me a while.

I got a crate from JoAnn's forEVAH ago!  I spray painted it a beautiful green.  I knew I wanted it for my porch but wasn't sure what I'd do with it.  Then when I was dragging stuff out to decorate, I found Mr. Scarecrow!  He used to get attached to a big tree at the side of our house but we cut the tree down last spring.  He was just begging to be put in the crate on the porch!  It's perfect!

I had been dying to try a new line of chalk paints called Shabby Paint.  The draw for me is actually their product called Vax and ReVax.  It is a varnish that gives the look of wax.  You get the same effect of wax and/or dark wax without all of the elbow work.  You basically paint it on.  So I ordered some paint to do some shelves in my kitchen.  The color I got is Coral Paradise but for some reason online I thought it was more orange "ish" than it turned out but it is still a GORGEOUS color.  And as soon as I saw it, I knew it would be beautiful with the green on the crate.  So I got an "M" and painted the coral paint.  I LOVED this paint.  It is so thick and goes on really smoothly.  I actually did use the ReVax (the Vax with color - in my case hazelnut) on the "M" but you can't really tell in the picture.  I'm going to use it on a chair I'm painting so I'll do an actual review of that product another time.  This is more about the paint.

Here is the crate and the "M"!!

I would like to use this paint again - it was really easy.  Oh, I can't believe I left out the best part.  The prices!  This paint is relatively inexpensive for chalk paint.  And, they have tons of different sizes which is so refreshing from the standard quart and sample size.'s the rub.  Right now they don't have a lot of retailers selling it - the closest to me is in Oklahoma - which is not exactly close.  You have to order it online and by the time I paid the shipping fees, it was the same as the CeCe's I love and that I can run out and pick up with no shipping fees.  Uggghhh - nothing can ever be easy!!  Oh how I wish I had a place to sell paints!!

Okay, back to my porch!  I put the crate, the "M" and Mr. Scarecrow all together...added in some hay and a pumpkin and VOILA!!!  Fall porch!!

I'm working on making a new more fall-ish pallet sign. Oh, and did you see my cute birdcage?  My mom was leaving church one morning and saw it and a perfectly good chair on the side of the road for bulk trash.  She stopped (yes, in her mass clothes) and loaded them up for me!  What a great mom!!  A little green spray paint - I am in LOVE with this green color - and it makes a cute addition to my plant stand.  The green I'm using is Valspar Color Radiance Spray Paint in Pesto from Lowes.

Here's the whole thing with some new big pots of flowers!

And of course no porch is complete without a remote control 4 wheeler!!  LOL!

Hope you're having fun with your fall porch!
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