Monday, August 26, 2013

CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay Paint Review - Wall Decor

A few years ago I learned about chalk paint and absolutely loved the idea that I could paint without sanding and prep work. I also love how easy it is to distress as well as the waxing process which makes the pieces look even more aged.

I started out with Annie Sloan of course and enjoyed using it. But recently I started reading about CeCe Caldwell's Chalk and Clay Paint. There were several things that drew me to this line.

You still don't have to sand or prep. But CeCe's paint has NO VOC's - meaning no smell and none of those irritants that can cause people problems. CeCe's wax has none either - you can wax INSIDE your house with no smell and without having to worry about children being exposed or people having asthma etc. Another big seller to me is that you can wet distress with CeCe's paint. Meaning - I can take a wet wipe and distress the paint instead of having to sand and make a big mess. Again - love that I can paint and distress INSIDE my house instead of the garage which is unbearable in the hot Texas heat.

I also LOVE that CeCe's is an American company. All of the paints are named after American cities or states. Oh - and the colors are TO DIE FOR!!!

So, I tried it out and really enjoyed it! Enough that I decided to do my kitchen cabinets in it! Oh, did I mention that besides waxes, they carry a wonderful line of glazes and finishes? I can't wait until I finish the cabinets to show you!!

But in the meantime, my family arranged to give me a workshop for my 40th birthday present! My mother in law took care of the kids and my mom and I headed out to Savannah, TX to hang out with Donna from Doozie's Corner and learn how to use CeCe Caldwell's paints and wax.  We got to make a tray while we were there but I got home and didn't need a tray.  However, I did need a decoration over my newly painted Hoosier cabinet!  I added a painted "M" and hung it up!!

It is painted with Mesa Sunset and then I believe I used the clear glaze mixed with Virginia Chestnut. Then I waxed it with clear waxed until it shone!

I think it turned out so beautiful!!  I love seeing it hanging up over my amazing furniture piece!!

I encourage you to try CeCe Caldwell's paint if you haven't before.  There is a ton more about it that I love - I could go on and on!! Maybe I'll save a little more for another post though!! 

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