Monday, July 15, 2013

Pink and Gray Baby Shower

I have had so much fun the past few weeks making some fun crafts for my cousin's wife's baby shower.  The colors in her nursery are peach and gray.   I immediately knew I wanted to make a fabric rag garland that would be a decoration for the party as well as a gift for the nursery.  What I found out is that it's HARD to find peach!!  Luckily, some of the fabric in her crib bedding has a touch of actual pink so I felt that gave me license to use some pink.  I ended up finding a good mix!  She also has some brown in a rug so I added some brown in as well.  I used fabric, tulle, lace and ribbon to make the garland.  It turned out really cute I think! 

I also ended up making a yarn wrapped "H" with some felt flowers.  That was also a decoration/gift.  And she took home the pink and gray yarn pom pom balls that I had glued to sticks and put into flower pots. 

I was thrilled that she liked everything.  She is an interior decorator and I don't really know her taste that well so I wasn't sure she'd like any of it.  She gushed and gushed about the yarn wrapped "H" and said it was SO her style!  I can't wait to see pics of what she does with it all!!

There was one craft fail...of course.  Tissue paper pom pom balls.  I CANNOT MAKE THEM!!  I NEVER get them right!!  I found some adorable pink and white polka dot tissue paper and tried again.  And again, BIG FAIL.  A few turned out semi acceptable to I scattered them around but ended up throwing most of them away.

The other fail in this whole event - pictures.  I only got ONE!!  I kept trying to take them and someone would walk into the frame or ask me a question or somehow interrupt me from my goal!!  UGHHH!!!'s my ONE picture.  Enjoy!!

The tin planter with the accordion scrapbook flowers is what we put the cake pops in.  That turned out so fun but, of course, I didn't get a picture with the cake pops all displayed.

We used a few of these printable for games/activities from I Heart Naptime.  We did the Mad Libs game, the nursery rhyme game and then people filled in the Wishes for Baby and momma was able to take those home to read. 

We had a great afternoon and momma went home with TONS of great outfits, baby necessities and two big gifts - her swing and her pack and play!!  I can't wait to meet her adorable baby girl in about a month!
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