Thursday, August 16, 2012

Towel Hooks and Chore Charts: Organization with Cameo

The Silhouette blog wants to see examples of ways we use our Silhouette Cameo to help organize our lives. I instantly knew of two projects I've done recently that utilized my Cameo to get more organized.  It's so hard to pick one!  So I decided to share both! Don't worry - they're short, sweet and simple!

My mother-in-law has a little booth in a gift shop in the town where she lives. Her booth does really well but every once in a while she has certain items that won't sell for some reason. Sometimes she gives them to me so that I can do something with them like these towel hangers.

I had no idea what to do with them when she gave them to me so they sat in a closet for a while. Recently, my kids were given some adorable personalized towels. Up to that point we had been using the ONE towel hook that we had in our bathroom and had been successfully using with the 3 little baby towels that they were STILL using! It became quickly obvious that the one hook wasn't sufficient! I immediately knew I could use the "His" towel hooks!

So I taped off the hook part and spray painted the rest white. I got out my Cameo and cut their initials out in "their" colors in vinyl. My kids are color coded by the way. One likes green, one likes pink (or in this case I had purple - close enough and acceptable to her!), and one likes blue. It has turned out that I can usually find one of each color in whatever "thing" I'm buying and it helps to keep everything separate. I slapped the vinyl on and hung the towel hangers up! Easy Peasy!

Instead of everything on this...

They're on these...

WOW - I really need to change that light cover!!  Amazing what you notice when you take pictures for your blog!

Next up...chore charts!  I found these magnetic boards at Tuesday Morning in the clearance section.  I wasn't crazy about the bamboo look but I knew I could use them for the kids rooms somehow and I also knew I could do something about that bamboo look!  I forget how much they were but they were super cheap and a good deal off of what they originally were so I grabbed them up!

For a while I've been using some laminated pre-printed chore charts that worked well but I just wasn't crazy about them. The kids had gotten kind of bored of our system and weren't doing their chores as much. Plus with school coming up, I knew I had to get organized about the morning rush as well as get them excited about doing their morning routine so we can get out the door quickly. So I knew these boards would be perfect!

So, I got out my Mod Podge...

and slapped some scrapbook paper on - color coded of course!

Next, I used my Cameo to cut out some 3x4 life library pocket.  Then some labels - sorry, I couldn't find a link to the ones I used.  I cut the labels out of chalkboard vinyl.  I put each one on a library pocket and then used the magnets that came with the magnet boards to hang them.  I had ordered a chalkboard marker and used that to write each chore down.  Last I just painted some popsicle sticks white and then hot glued some ribbon around the edge of each board.  So, each time the kids complete a chore, they put a popsicle stick in the appropriate pocket.  At the end of each day, I mark down that they have done all their chores.  I have another little dry erase board for the daily tally.  At the end of the week, if they have 7 tally marks, they get their allowance.

They turned out really cute.  The kids love using them.  And with the chalkboard vinyl, I can change chores as they grow or if we find something that is a new priority for them to work on!  Most of the chores listed are things they do in the morning and must have done before we leave for school.  This is important especially at the beginning of the school year.  As the year progresses, we may need to work more on getting homework done or cleaning up before bed so we can change the chores to one of these more pressing issues.

I hope these have given you some organization inspiration.  My Cameo just makes everything I do cuter, faster and way more fun.  Now if it could just clean out my closet for me!!!

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