Thursday, February 2, 2017

Recipe of the Day: Mommy's Meatloaf from Brianna Thomas

Another Brianna Thomas recipe!!

This was a delicious meatloaf and SO easy to make! The hubby LOVED IT! I mean seriously - he was shoveling it in and then had it for leftovers the next night. He NEVER EVER eats leftovers!! My pickiest eater actually liked it...except the onions. I hated onions in stuff as a kid too - I think I'll leave the onions out next time I make it. I'll use some onion powder or something like that. The other two kiddos weren't huge fans...but what kid loves meatloaf?

We will have this again for sure! We had this with salad and our favorite Instant Pot Mac and Cheese!!

Lots of healthy fats in this recipe and I use Dreamfields pasta so it's THM friendly!!

Both are THM:S!

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