Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Image Body Spa Rejuvenating Lotion - Product Review

Alright friends...gonna get real up in here! For the past several years I've struggled with...well, something...on my back. At one point the dermatologist said it was Keratosis Pilaris. Later he said it was back acne - or more commonly known on the street as bacne - haha. I've used prescription medicines, creams, gels and also tried some essential oils - whatever I could find. I kept my hair super long (for me) for a much longer time than I would have liked because I wanted my back hidden. I've suffered through wearing bathing suits and knowing everyone could see it. I've blushed as people have told me I have a rash and blushed knowing people were seeing it and wondering but not saying anything. I thought I'd just have to live with this condition and embarrassment forever. But then the gal who does my hair and my good friend, Sheila, was running a special on Image Body Spa Rejuvenating Lotion. I read about it and saw a review from a woman saying that she used it and it made her bacne go away! I thought I'd give one more thing a chance and told Sheila I wanted to buy some of the lotion. I didn't tell her I'd read that review and I told myself not to get my hopes up. It would most likely be another dead end. I was delighted when she said she'd drop off a bottle if I would write a review about it.

Well my friends...this stuff did the trick. Nothing I've tried has helped...but this did. Not only did it work, it worked fast! Just within a few days I could tell a difference. Now I can't see it's all completely gone, but the redness and raised bumps are gone. The itchiness is gone. The dry crackly skin I had back there is gone. It's AMAZING!!! Sheila couldn't even believe her eyes when I went to get my hair done a few weeks ago and she saw the difference!

Like I said before, I'm not one to pay a lot of money for products like lotion...but I will pay whatever it takes to keep using this wonderful product!!

**I received this product for free in trade for a fair and honest review**
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