Monday, November 9, 2015

Red Cups and Killer Whales

Today I've read about people being mad about the color of the new Starbucks cups...still don't really get that one. And then college students and professors being mad at a college president who subsequently resigned. A mall "sterilized" Christmas so as not to offend shoppers...which ended up offending shoppers anyway. People are mad about killer whale shows so SeaWorld is going to stop having them. Isn't that the main attraction of Sea World?

If I was an alien visiting this planet for the first time and reading Twitter or the news in an attempt to learn more about the planet I just landed on, I would deduce that in order to fit in I would need to find some things to get angry about. Or I might think I need to figure out what things other people might get angry about and worry about that and change what I do in order to keep from agitating folks. 

I'm getting really tired of all the anger. I see the worrying everyone has to do about what might set others off. And it makes me sad to see so many companies making such drastic changes to their business models or people altering their lives in order to appease the angry mobs.

Why are people these days so threatened by those with different views from themselves? Why do we have to get bent out of shape over anything that doesn't go our way or seem to fit in line with our opinions or worldviews? 

It's a bunch of adults acting like children in my opinion. My kids expect everyone to do what THEY want them to do and to think exactly as THEY think and to stop anything that bothers THEM. It's my job as their parent to help them to understand that there are a lot of people in the world doing things that we don't necessarily agree with or even like. Why don't other people understand that these days?

I have no suggestions on how to change this or calm everyone down. I just had to vent a bit...before the anger takes over me and I pick up a protest sign and a frowny face and start marching around demanding everyone change everything for ME!!
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