Tuesday, January 29, 2013

How to Cut a Felt Circle without a Die Cutter

Can you cut circles?  I can't.  I am a terrible cutter.  Maybe I was sick that day in PreK or something but I can't cut a smooth, clean straight line, circle or anything else for that matter.  This causes trouble for someone who LOVES to do felt ruffle wreaths...and many other crafts.  It's also slightly embarrassing to admit being that I'm a PreK handwriting/fine motor teacher who teaches kids how to cut!  I know the mechanics of how to do it, and how to teach it, but that doesn't mean my execution is any good!  Oh well!  Here I go...my felt circle cutting.

Is that the worst you've ever seen?  I told you...embarrassing!

Besides that, I am impatient and hate how long it takes to cut all the circles I need to make a felt wreath - but I endure it because the rest of making the wreath is SO fun!  Plus it hurts your fingers!!  Waaaa!

I started thinking that there just HAD to be some sort of tool to cut circles out of felt.  I tried with my Silhouette and it can be done but it ruins your blades and you need to put a special fabric liner on the felt that doesn't look good when you're making it into a wreath.  So I hit the craft stores and found this...

OLFA 1057028 CMP-3 Rotary Circle Cutter


Look at my circles now!

Isn't that amazing?  And it's SO easy!!  If you love felt crafts, run and out and get this NOW!

Look at all of these circles I cut!!

I went a little crazy!

Now, I will say, you can still make a cute wreath with horribly cut circles...it just takes WAY longer.  I just made this wreath for my Etsy store with circles like the first one I showed you.  BUT...I had to trim EACH one before I glued it on and it took FOR...EVER.

I'm about to make another spring wreath.  I can't wait to use my new tool and make perfect circles super quickly!!
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