Thursday, May 10, 2012

Complaining Post

Gonna complain a little bit...sorry.  But it's been a bad bad week or so. 

I hurt my foot last Wednesday while doing Jazzercise.  I felt a searing pain through my ankle and then in my heel. I didn't have to stop my class but as the day went on it hurt worse and worse.  It woke me up all that night because it hurt so bad.  The next day I didn't know what to do about work.  I move from classroom to classroom, go up and down stairs, and am on my feet most of the time I am in each classroom. I was determined that I would NOT call in sick because my foot hurt!  That seemed awfully silly.  But by the time I walked across the parking lot and got into the building I was in tears.  I knew I wouldn't make it.  So I gave the teachers the lesson I was going to do with the kids and went home to rest my foot.  Friday I went to the doctor and he said some of the fibers in the ligament in my foot had torn.  He wrapped my foot, gave me a prescription for Naproxen and sent me home to rest my foot and ice it.  The tape helps a lot.  I was actually supposed to take it off yesterday but I was scared it would hurt at work this morning so I left it on.  Then I was going to take it off after work...but I've been home an hour and a half and it's still on!  I have to go back to pick up my son and then I found out I'm getting some sort of award at the PTA meeting at my older kids school tonight and I don't want to limp up there so I think I'll leave the tape on tonight.  I go back to the doctor tomorrow - we'll see what he says!

And if constant foot pain isn't enough, yesterday my husband and I BOTH had some sort of weird stomach virus.  I spent almost 24 hours feeling like I was going know...get sick - I never actually did but just constantly felt like I was on the verge.  Torture.  Plus, it's really hard when both mom AND dad are sick.  The kids didn't mind getting to watch videos all afternoon and having Happy Meals for dinner though.

I'm trying to recover today but I still feel pretty yucky. 

Sorry to complain.  I do have some good stuff to share about my daughter's First Communion that she celebrated last Saturday.  I made her a cute shirt for the after party with my Silhouette Cameo that I need to share.  I'll get some pics of it and get that put up soon!!

Hope your week is going better than mine!
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